7 fuel-saving tips from Holden

Fuel-Saving Tips, These days where ever you go, you will have a conversation with the fellow driver. These conversations always end with the topic of rising fuel price. Holden shared with us some points about the increasing fuel price. When these points are considered and combined with petrol shopping and use of independent chains you can save some money.

Fuel-Saving Tips from Holden

1. Pump up Your Tyres:

You can improve your fuel usage by 3.3%. That could be done just by maintaining your tyres at correct air pressure. For knowing the right pressure, go through your owner’s manual. Are appropriately inflated tyres will help you in difficult situations. You can easily face the emergency manoeuvres, braking and wet conditions. While going on a long journey or carrying a lot of stuff, make sure to have properly inflated tyres.

Rate of fuel-saving improvement- up to 3.3%.

2. Replace Your Air lifters:

The engine of the car remains covered by a filter. This filter protects the engine from Airborne debris. Dust and slit corrupt the air filter. The corruption restricts The airflow of the engine. The phenomenon results in increased fuel usage. The filter can be replaced at a low rate. That could be done in no time. It could improve your fuel economy by 100%.

Rate of fuel-saving improvement- up to a hundred per cent.

3. Use the Throttle Judiciously:

When the car moves with high acceleration, it uses more fuel. For avoiding this slowing gather the momentum and maintain the speed. While moving with this speed, using break shaves off speeds. This is a complete waste of energy. Look ahead and slow down before itself. This will help you in reducing fuel consumption.

Rate of fuel-saving improvement- up to 33%

4. Switch Off Engine:

When the car is not in use, with your engine running a fuel economy of 0.0L/100km is achieved. To let your engine running, when the vehicle is not any use is illegal. It is better to switch it off whenever possible. That will help you to save fuel. The engine uses a bit more fuel while restarting. But this will be less than the amount of fuel consumed when you still idle without moving. Switching off not only benefits the environment and also the people around.

Rate of fuel-saving improvement- up to 100% as when the engine is off you use zero fuel.

5. Used Air Conditioning Sparingly:

When you use climate control, the engine uses 10% more fuel. For using less fuel, Holden advises you to use a high fan speed rather than low-temperature settings. While travelling below 64km/ Hour, keep your Windows Down instead. At a speed ever 72km/hour, air resistance makes air conditioning more economical. That will save your fuel.

Rate of fuel-saving improvement- up to 100%

6. Get Into High Gear:

Using high gear whenever possible, improve fuel efficiency. You can do this if you have a manual gearbox. The engine will get less stressed when the car is used in high gear. If you ease up on the throttle and an automatic car, it will instruct the gearbox to move to a higher gear.

Rate of fuel improvement- when used at high gear, it is the most efficient.
7. Use Cruise Control:

You should use this whenever possible. It adjusts the throttle more carefully than a human drive. That even prevents you from driving speedily. Use this feature if have got a car with economy mode.

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