Future of Automotive Industry in Australia

Will the automotive industry of Australia will reach a peak again? What do you think? As there was exclusively drop down in the vehicle’s production & sales in the four years in Australia. This was the first time in history. But now the government says, Australia’s car industry is going to be strong again. Moreover, the automotive Australia 2020 roadmap shows 4 big opportunity areas to focus on the long-term success of the car industry.

  • The entry of electric vehicles
  • Gaseous fuels
  • Light weighting
  • Data & communication systems

These four areas will generate wonderful opportunities for Australian manufactures to create a boom in the domestic & oversea markets. People’s view is going to change regarding car ownership. You know why? Due to the entrance of ride-sharing services such as – Uber. It will create new business opportunities for manufactures & consumers. The Entry of new electric vehicles & ride-sharing services will take the car industry back to its mountain peak in Australia.

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Let’s discuss what will be the next in Automotive Market in Australia-

The Self-Driving vehicles are on the Mountain-

Self-driving vehicles- A big boom opportunity to raise the car industry in Australia. A Self-driving car means that people purchase them as an asset that can be utilized full time. They can offer ride-sharing services in Australia & can earn a handsome amount of cash from it. Although self-driving vehicles use will not let people purchase them.
Moreover, it will work as ride-sharing services. Whenever they need a car, they can take self-vehicles services. The entry of these vehicles will motive the car industry to create quality products.

Vehicles adopt the Subscription Model-Like- Netflix

Rather than purchasing vehicles, People will prefer to take the subscription model for weekend trips. That’s so amazing!! The entry of the new Netflix style model will be like a dream come true for the car industry. Moreover, it will again become a rapidly growing industry.

The best part of subscription model vehicles is that you don’t need to worry about any repair, maintenance or any expense related car ownership. This means you can enjoy any model of the new car without purchasing it. Whenever you go anywhere, then only pay for vehicle.

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Electric Vehicles

Ever wonder what about the entry of new vehicles? Although lots of things are changing in the automotive industry. But don’t worry!! With the advancement of new technology, Electric vehicles will increase year after year & also raise the vehicle industry. Now Australia sales of electrifying technology continue to rise.

The Biggest brand, Audi also added electric vehicles to its brand. All other brands like Toyota, Hyundai & Honda will also make efforts and introduce electric vehicles as per the market needs. Similarly, another top leading brand Mercedes-Benz has also announced to make its brand electrify by 2020. Ford- Another leading brand will also introduce 13 electric vehicles by 2020. In this manner, all brands are struggling to make the automotive industry back to its peak.

Wrap up!!

The automotive industry is going to raise with the emergence of the latest technologies such as as- Netflix style of models, electric vehicles & self-driving cars. As per some predictions, Australia car market is growing with the rate of 6.8% between 2017 & 2018 and that will be a big boon for the industry. In the end, we can conclude that there is a change in the automotive industry in Australia & it will raise again at a good level in future.

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