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Adwreck Terms & Conditions

Car Wreckers Adelaide is a firm that offers its services to old car owners. It deals with the purchase of old, junk and scrap cars. The firm also offers free car removal services. The main aim of the company is to ensure quality services in the automotive field in a hassle-free manner.

The firm puts down certain simple terms and conditions that the old car owners need to follow if they want to sell their old car to the Car Wreckers Adelaide.

Following are some of the terms and conditions of the Car Wreckers for the purchase of old cars:

  • The car should be the owners’ and the owner must have valid documents supporting this claim.
  • If an individual is selling the car on behalf of a company or an organization, they must carry an authorization letter with the seal or stamp of the respective company or organization.
  • The individual must carry the necessary photo identification proofs like passport, driver’s license, medical or insurance certificate, etc.
  • The individual must carry the invoice of the tax payments and other important documents with regard to the car.

To begin the process, the owner has to call the car wreckers on their contact number. The car wreckers will get into contact with the owners as soon as possible. They will call the owner to collect all the necessary information about the details of the car that the owner wishes to sell. It is advisable that the owners must be ready to answer about such details correctly to ensure that the deal proceeds in a smooth way. Once the car wreckers have the necessary details about the car, they offer the owner an online estimate of the price they may be willing to pay in exchange for the car. The owner then has to set an appointment with the car wrecking firm. The owners have to choose a location, date and time for the appointment as per their convenience. The car wreckers will send a professional to attend this meeting with the owner. The professional will assess the car and make a final price quotation. During this meeting, the owners have to present the original documents that are relevant to the sale of the car. The deal can only proceed if all the paperwork is present in the correct order. If the professional finds that the necessary papers are present, he/she closes the deal with the owner and makes the payment.

Thus, it is extremely important for old car owners to follow the terms and conditions set by the car wreckers to conclude the deal in a quickly and efficiently.

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