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Adwreck: We Wreck All Make & Model Vehicles in Adelaide car wreckers team is set to work to recover unwanted vehicles from customers’ places, those are unregistered, written-off, old, or scrap. We pay cash for cars when buying them for wrecking in Adelaide at our salvage yard Adelaide. The wrecking yard can handle more than 200 cars and used par inventory at a time. Furthermore, we recycle most cars and commercial vehicles.

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Car Wrecking & Recycling in Adelaide

Car Wrecking & Recycling in Adelaide

Car wrecking is recycling car bodies dismantling them for parts. That is something called the best initiative related to auto recycling services. Some of the cars generally look to get wrecked. However, the age of the vehicle plays a significant role. The lifetime of a vehicle may start depreciating from time to time. So, the calculation for the value of a car may depend on the current scrap metal prices. We are also interested to provide you with such service at your location only.

Yes, car wreckers Adelaide are the soul part of our company. With natural methods and steps, you can get your car wrecked and receive instant top money. We provide all types of car buying services like car removals and car wrecking.

Since most of the companies offer related services but they don’t offer you the amount of cash that you’re looking for. Here, we are going to offer you more and provide service at your location. Such easy services are provided by us. Don’t miss to get top dollars in return for your unwanted car.

We Wrecked all branded Cars in Any Condition in Adelaide!

Have you been tired of searching out a wrecker in Adelaide for your scrap, old or damaged condition vehicle? I am Michael, would like to assure you that you can get more money than you expected. Hear in Salisbury Car Wreckers Adelaide, we’ll pay you with the top cash for wrecking your car. Since, we are the part of  Adelaide Wrecking system that delivers cars, trucks, SUVs, vans to Utes, 4WDs, and even buses. You can get top dollar (up to $9,999) for it, Adelaide’s most reliable car wreckers.

Adwreck is now buying used cars from Wingfield, Greenfield, and other outer suburbs. You can get car valuation services at Cash For Cars Online so easy to decide and compare other quotes. Our partner services include scrap vehicles, written-off 4×4 vehicles, buses, vans, and trucks for removals in Adelaide.

Wrecked all branded Cars

Sell Your Auto Cars Parts Adelaide

used car engine parts Adelaide

If you’re searching to get your cost to minimize at the time of maintenance whether, for an engine, interior, exterior, or electric auto parts, car wreckers are the best option. Dismantling the vehicles where we can’t count the daily wrecked vehicles or unwanted or good running cars are coming to the part of the EVL. Ending vehicle’s life and get them to rest for their current life cycle, collecting each part, testing with various used vehicle inspection tools, and help to used car users to sell as per their needs. We do have available several Honda, Toyota, Mazda, and  Holden make available for second-hand parts. We sell quality tested engines, tyres, batteries, regulators, headlights, bumpers, doors, and many more as never count the inventory, just for helping the people. Visit to get used spare parts details with description and process how it works.

  • Engine & Drive Train Components and Parts
  • Brakes, suspension, and steering
  • Panels and windscreens
  • Lighting and Mirrors
  • Windscreen Wipers
  • Significant accessories range

Eco-friendly Wrecking & Recycling Services

Car wreckers are the people who provide the service of wrecking a car. As mentioned above, car body part wrecking is never possible without collection of that kind of vehicle first.

So whenever requirements for used spare parts are on-demand we pay a high amount to used cars to get them and dismantle them as soon as possible. We never compromise with the pricing of dead vehicles of flood-affected, sometimes we buy good running cars where the cost of vehicles will be good enough.

Calculation of pricing for wrecked 4-wheel drives is hard to find without on-site inspection so we take a day or two to finish the deal, while small cars we do buy the same day or sometimes offer value on call. 

eco-friendly car recyclers

How Easy To Paid By Car Wreckers

How Easy To Paid By Car Wreckers

Now get top dollars for your unwanted scrap cars. You may be having a car that has gone scrapped with age and time. The only solution to this problem is that you can simply sell your scrap car to us and get top cash. This is more likely to be the same as Car Wreckers Adelaide, SA to pick up all sorts of vehicles from home. We have much to do with your scrapped car. So, don’t let it go waste. Save that scrap car and sell it. The return would also help you to get a new car.

So, Adwreck in Adelaide is bringing you an opportunity to sell your scrap car. We don’t require any papers related to the car. A simple evaluation of the car and get everything done. Yes, this service is also easy. Go for it and get top cash for scrap cars. If you wish to get dismantle a scrap car then some details about the present condition of the car will be asked. You will be getting an instant response for towing vehicles-

Car Wrecking All Make & Model Vehicles in Adelaide City

AdWreck car wrecker is now wrecking various makes and models of vehicles so choose it from the below list and ask for the used parts or sell your vehicle to us-

Car Wrecking All Make & Model Vehicles

Quotes for Scrap Car & Auto Parts Adelaide

Quotes for Scrap Car & Auto Parts Adelaide

When you think to sell your vehicle to AdWreck, the process does not take more than 1 hour to get a quote. As we the Auto removal company and deal with hundreds of customers daily.

  1. Contact us (Over the Call: 08 7071 9218, Fill out our Inquiry Form, Send us an email at with the make, model, age, and condition of your vehicle along with the condition. 
  2. We will ring you back with the offer.
  3. Once you accept, our team will ask for your availability to pick up your vehicle.
  4. Our tow team will come and pay you before towing your vehicle.

Supportive Staff, Greater Service

Nobody is perfect in this world! Saying that we are always satisfied, our customers will be wrong. However, ignoring staff behavior toward customers is also not pretty good. We help our customers with everything for their old vehicles. If they are keen to get rid of their car or need any assistance to fix small or measure issues in your car. Our staff is dedicated to serving you better than the previous one.

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