5 Car Maintenance Myths That Are Actually False

Cars are valuable investments that require regular maintenance and care to keep it in proper condition. Just like any other article it needs cleaning, care and repair to ensure that it has a long service life. It is possible to obtain service satisfaction by providing the correct conditions for the car.

However, not all the car maintenance regimes that are popular are always correct.

Here is some information on the car maintenance myths that are false.

1. Premium Fuel – Fuel is a necessity for the car. There are various categories and grades of fuel available to the users. Some vehicles require the use of premium fuel that is comparatively more expensive than other varieties of fuel. In such a case, it becomes compulsory to use premium fuel, but not all cars require the same. Other vehicles may work well even with cheaper fuel. Thus, the idea that premium petrol is better for your car is a myth, and it only adds to your expenses.

2. ‘Pre-Heating’ The Car Before Starting To Drive – Many people believe that the engine needs some kind of warming up before the user starts driving it. The simple explanation for this is that the car will warm up on its own once you start driving. You don’t need to waste your time and fuel trying to warm the engine before driving. The usual suggestion is that before picking up high speed, the driver should allow the car to gear up by driving at a lower speed for some time.

3. Changing Oil Every 3000 Miles – This is another myth that reflects on people’s tendency to blindly follow trends without considering the details of their own car. The type of oil you should use depends on the technology of your car, the condition of the motor and its use.

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It is true that using traditional oils could result in the need for an oil change after every 3000-5000 miles. However, the latest technology and varieties of synthetic oil that are currently available may not require any change for about 10000 miles.

4. Not Replacing The Battery After Jumping It – You may need to jump the battery of your car at some point. Most people think that this is the final solution to the problem. However, people need to understand that the problem may persist. This is because the battery needs to be jumped when there is a problem with its functioning. If you do not replace the battery, chances are that you may not be able to restart your car once you put it off.

5. Washing Your Car With Any Type Of Soap – This myth is as ridiculous as saying that we can use all kinds of car wash for bathing. There are varieties of soap for different purposes because they differ in their ingredients. Cars can suffer from damage if the users clean them with laundry detergent or dish soap. There is a particular type of soap for cars that clean the car without removing the protective wax present on the car.

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